Rene Merritt

- About the Author

Rene Merritt, a divorced mother of three adult children, Trene', Trevor and Camron, was born and raised in Florida where she still resides. Since 2005, both Rene's life and career have been geared toward the improvement of our youth, through taking positions at Children's Medical Services, School Health and Early Steps.

In 2013, Rene began mentoring part-time, which prompted her to enroll at Eastern Florida State College where in 2017 she earned a College Credit Certificate in Child Development Early Intervention. Rene has a heart of gold and wanted to do more for her community. In 2019, she founded Dear Young King, Incorporated, a nonprofit organization with the mission to uplift, encourage and motivate our young males.

In her spare time, Rene likes to travel and write. She finds that writing is therapeutic and through her transparency has found her own healing. With her youngest child recently graduating from high school, Rene has more time to write, and as a result of her own personal experiences, is now focusing more on the empowerment of women through her writing. Writing is currently a hobby of Rene's, but she hopes to make it a full-time career one day.

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Women wear a lot of hats in life. While striving to be the perfect mother, a good daughter or caretaker to our parents, the perfect wife, a sister, a good friend or a valued employee, we often neglect ourselves. We also tend to hold in our feelings and hold on to our failures, griefs, past hurts or traumatic experiences.

In Through the Storm, you will meet Sydnee. She's a single, independent and confident woman who has everything going for her until she encounters a raging, out of control storm in the form of an ex-lover. The stress of everyday life, and the secret struggles that Sydnee wrestles with, cause her to quickly lose herself in the storm. She allows her worth, confidence and self-respect to be compromised, prompting her to do a self-evaluation.

During her quest for healing, Sydnee reveals secrets about herself that even her best friends don't know. She is so caught up in the storm that the only thing that can save her is the grace and mercy of God.

The depth, genuineness and honesty of this book will take you on an emotional journey as Sydnee tries to finds herself, again. Through the Storm is an eye opener and a conversation starter and is not only meant to entertain you, but also to inform and inspire, as well as empower and motivate you.

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